The Recipe

This 5 gallon Imperial Porter recipe is the product of discussions between the xBrewers involved based on each one’s individual experiences and opinions.

Estimated Stats (at 70% brewhouse efficiency)

PBG: 1.068                       SRM: 34.6

OG: 1.100                          IBU: 50

FG: 1.024                          ABV: 10.2%

Yeast- (this will be the brewer’s choice, original recipe calls for Wyeast Thames Valley Ale Yeast)

Grain Bill (154 degrees F 90 min mash)

14lbs- US 2 Row (8.5-9lbs DME)

1lb 8oz– UK Brown Malt

1lb- US Chocolate Malt

1lb 8oz- UK Amber Malt                              

1lb- US Carapils

8oz– UK Wheat

4oz- US Caramel 20L

2lb–  US Munich 20L

Hop Schedule (90 min boil)

1 oz- Magnum (90 min)

1/2 oz- UK Fuggle (10 min from end)

1/2 oz- US Willamette (10 min from end)

1/2 oz- UK Fuggle (at turnoff)

1/2 oz- US Willamette  (at turnoff)

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