Justin Boswell & Ryan Cassady

My name is Justin and I am am originally from southern Louisiana but now I reside in Seattle. I work the grind 9-5 and when i’m not there I am usually reading or doing something associated with either brewing or music. I have been blogging about beer for a couple months but have been reading other’s blogs for allot longer. My wife and friends would say I’m obsessed especially when it comes to trying to get more people to try craft beer. This experiment was an idea I came up with inspired by many other homebrewers out there collaborating. I also wanted to see what kind of crazy and tasty stuff people will toss in their beer when there are no rules. I have only been homebrewing for a little over a year  but hope to bring some fun to the table this first time around.

My name is Ryan Cassady. I am from New Mexico, but have lived in Seattle for nearly 10 years now. The road from piss-beer to homebrew has been a long one and my love of craft beer runs deep…especially aggressive and adventurous beers. So, when fellow brewer Justin and I started homebrewing, we jumped in with both feet. I blog and write about pro audio gear for the day job, so haven’t been to anxious to start blogging about beer. But what the hell, here’s a link to an empty stomach of my blog “Ferment Nation”: http://fermentnation.wordpress.com/.

I am excited to see what  happens to a beer when interpreted by people from different areas with different backgrounds. Should be awesome!

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