John & Jennifer O’Connell

Jennifer and John O’Connell live, work and play in Decatur, GA which is part of metro Atlanta. They met not too far from there in a local “dive” pub, she was looking for a man that drank craft beer and his quest was for a lady that didn’t mind the smell of wort.  It turns out John not only drank good beer he made it and has been brewing for 16 years now. Jennifer was a chef and continues to use that power for good in the home kitchen, using beer in the majority of her creations and helping to devise brewing recipes. As with all aspects of their lives they work as a team, with her coming up with crazy ideas and him figuring out how to create her dreams. There will also be two freshman brewers that have been assisting them for about a year and are excited about joining this endeaver, their names are Kim and Carey Charles.

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