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xBrew, what’s in a name?

So as I have discovered there is a competition here in the Seattle area that has not happened since 2007 called X-Brew. Although the competition is likely not to happen again this is a local affair and I do not want to step on any local clubs toes.  Soooooo I would like suggestions from you, yeah you out there. Go ahead and leave a comment on what you think the future name of our national homebrew collaboration experiment should be called. Ready?…Go!

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xBrew #1 Labels Rough draft

01/18/2010 2 comments

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An idea for #1 & to help keep the experiment stylin

01/13/2010 2 comments

So I was thinking the other day that we need a way to keep this experiment stylin AND have an easy way to identify & cellar these big beers for tasting down the road. Well why not a universal bottle label with the xBrew #1 logo and a blank for each brewer to write their twitter handle? A digital file is easy enough to pass around cross country these days. This way after xBrews of the future we could all end up with a nice variety of beers to try again down the road. Not only could you identify the brewer but also series stage within all future experiments if any brewer ever did more than one. I could see myself  contacting someone down the road and asking something like, “Hey, i’ll trade you a TheBrewDude xBrew #3 for a NewBrewThursday xBrew #1”.  Anyway, just an idea bouncing around in my dome but i think i will try and Photoshop some stuff up this weekend.

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The Experiment Begins

12/13/2009 3 comments

For the past two days I’ve been contemplating my own local flair to add to the Imperial Porter that we will be brewing for the Cross Country Homebrew Experiment and I was getting quite excited.  I ran about 3 or 4 idea’s past some friends of mine to see what they recommended and most of them gravitated towards the same one (which was my favorite too!).

Now the collaborators have mostly been on Google wave talking about ideas, recipes, additives and what not.  Some are pretty of secretive of what they have up their sleeves, but as the resident newbie I’ve been asking questions and trying to collect ideas.  Some of my idea’s were not too creative (vanilla coffee imperial porter, anybody heard of Victory at Sea?), some that were passed down to me by great brewers just don’t entice me (Ancho Chile Imperial Porter) and one has already been picked by one of the other collaborators.

This is where I think the experiment kind of took a funny twist.  There are two of us from Southern California and both of us were planning on brewing with the same ingredients for our local flair!  I don’t want to say what it is since I’m not sure if newbrewthursday really wants me to reveal his EPIC homebrew!  So, as the one with the least experience I bowed out of using these ingredients.  Which is fine, I’d much rather try their version than mine!  But it leaves me in a predicament of trying to come up with a new and fresh idea!  Not great for an uncreative dumbass as myself!

As stated by one of the other collaborators after I brought this funny situation up…  Let the experiment begin!

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