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Mole Eh?

Mole EhSo, the recipe is starting to shape up. Looks like a big beer to start off with, but there is little out there that can’t be pushed further. More details to come, but it looks like Justin and I are going to bring some chocolate for our version.

I can almost hear you now. Chocolate Porter? Sounds good, but I’ve had it.

So…I have been itching to try something with a decidedly Mexican twist. Mole.

I know its not a NW thing (I am in the Seattle area), but it is a personal twist, since I am from New Mexico.

As much as I would like to craft my spice blend, it takes people their whole life to learn the art of Mole. Plus, you would have to buy a kings ransom in spices to get started.

So… my hunt begins for a pre-formulated Mole spice mix. I certainly plan to hit up Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market. There’s a killer spice store there and a top-notch Mexican specialty food store. There’s also some ¬†upscale grocery places that might have it.

I will let you know what I find when and if I find it….

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