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xBrew Introduction


In the month of January a small group of home brewers will be brewing the same beer from all over the country, from east to west coast.  Some of you may be thinking who are these crazy home brewers and what are they doing?  Well the answer to that question is fairly simple. We are beer bloggers and beer lovers from all over the country, period. We love beer, we love to taste beer, we love to brew beer, we love to bathe in errrr…. never mind. Anyway you get the point.The idea for cross country collaboration was actually sparked by not just a love of home brewing but a love of craft beer and the industry. All year we have been drinking and discussing these great professional collaboration beers and now it’s time for the home brewers to take the reigns.  The goal will be for the 9 home brewers involved to agree on one base recipe which will be based on an imperial porter style. We will all be using the same ingredients and then taking it one step further. Each home brewer will add their own personal or regional twist.  After the process is all over we will then be mailing one another bottles of each for a live comparative tasting across the country. So stay here, get to know us and follow our progress throughout this collaborative effort.

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